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Negotiations: Potential Beneficaries

  • Business Owners
  • Sales Managers
  • Attorneys
  • Purchasing Professionals
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • CPA’s
  • Bankers
  • Investmentment Managers
  • Property Managers
  • Business Consultants
  • Operations Managers
  • National Sales Teams /Account Managers

Sales Negotiations Benefits

Sales Negotiations


The Trucon Consulting Group, LLC

Sales negotiations skills are an important skill for every associate who has the authority to conduct business for their employer.  The ability to negotiate an equitable agreement that builds a profitable long-term trust relationship is valuable for both the associate and both parties involved.

Negotiation training provides a knowledge base that:

  • Avoids setting poor precedents for future business agreements
  • Places the negotiator in a more powerful position
  • Preserves and enhances profit margins
  • Drives time consumption and costs down during the course of the agreement
  • Builds a long-term relationship that builds more business opportunities

Gary D. Seale – MBA is a Certified Sales Negotiation Instructor

He is the Principal at The Trucon Consulting Group, LLC


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Benefits of Options

Developing options in a negotiation yields multiple benefits.

Number one is that it helps preserve a long-term working relationship.  Even if you cannot come to an agreement over the current opportunity, you never know when a possibility might arise with the same company or people.

Number two is that it allows a higher probability of actually coming to a working agreement.  And number three is that you may be able to drive cost down or increase profit dollars with a creative solution.  Prepare a walk away position, but do not be adamant about issues that are secondary to conducting business.

Sales Negotiation Coaching and Classes

Certified Sales Negotiation Instructor Gary D. Seale  (BBA, MBA, Distinguished Toastmaster) coaches and provides Sales Negotiations Training classes to companies and individuals who may be required to negotiate a busines opportunity to a final agreement.

Negotiation skills can provide the ability to not only close a long term agreement with a business partner, but do so in a way that creates more profit dollars, creates a trust relationship and create efficiencies in the methods that business is conducted.

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Primary Motivating Factors

  1.   Primary Motivating Factors

 One preliminary item that the negotiator should have some knowledge about is: What motivates people?  This topic could easily become a completely separate training class with volumes of information.  However, some knowledge of basic motivational factors should be helpful as you read and study this material.  Four very basic motivating factors have been categorized as:

Fear:  Described as the punitive effects of nature or others as a consequence of your actions or non-action.  An example might be jail time and heavy fines as a result of some criminal activity.  Or perhaps the fear of falling. Fear of lost reputation is a good example.

   Hate:  Revenge, slander, libel, avoidance, anger, depression, apathy, to detest.  A very strong, often short term motivating force that influences some to severe actions or strong performances.

Love:  The type of extremely deep concern that allows a person to substitute their interests for the needs of another.  An example might be that of a mother for her infant child.

Control:  The desire and or ability to control other people or organizations.

These motivating factors provide someone with the power to act or exert influence over another person.  If you can give someone something that they desire, you can have power over that person.  The other party has to grant you that power.  Some examples: The buyer/seller relationship, parent/child relationship, manager/subordinate relationship.  You can also have power if you are able to withhold something that someone desires.

Gary D. Seale – Certified Negotiations Instructor

Gary D. Seale Speaking Bio

Gary Seale is the founder and principal of The Trucon Consulting Group, LLC locatedin Austin, Texas.  Trucon provides outsourced sales services, sales consulting and social media management services.  Gary’s speaking and training experience includes numerous Fortune 500 companies, professional associations, government agencies and Texas A & M Extension Engineering courses.  He has earned a Distinguished Toastmaster Certification for speaking achievement, community service and area government service in Toastmasters International.

Gary’s career background includes business ownership, purchasing, product management, marketing, sales and sales management experience.  An award winning salesman and sales manager, his strengths have been oriented in business development and new product introductions.  He has successfully founded new business models in the United States, Mexico and Asia.  This experience has been in the industrial distribution business and with Fortune 500 companies 3M (Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing), Illinois Tool Works and Nationwide Insurance.  Gary Seale holds a BBA degree (UT-Arlington), MBA degree (Texas State University) and is the author of the book: Business Principles From Proverbs.

Speaking Topics include:

Leadership: “Character Speaks Volumes”

Motivation: “Empowerment Works”

Sales: “Six Steps in the Selling Process”

Ethics: “Unchangeable Standards”

Negotiations: “Sales Negotiations: Options Pay”

Team Building: “Mission Focus”

Business Development: “Completing the Loop: It’s a Process”                                                                  

 Public Speaking: “It’s About How You Say It”

Sales Management: “Communication is Imperative”

Customer Service: “Attitude, Education and Infrastructure”